Oasis Camp

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Camp Oasis has beds for 155 people. All of our accommodation is carpeted,  has automatic heating and attached en-suites. Please click below to see a detailed sleeping plan.


Rooms 1-7: Heating, carpets, en-suites.

Acacia is the furthermost block of cabins from the main hall. It comprises of 7 rooms which share 4 en-suites, a veranda. The rooms have 3-10 single beds per room and total 35 beds.


Rooms 8-11: Heating, carpets, en-suites.

The Banksia row is comprised of 4 separate rooms and are the newest accommodation at Oasis. This row of cabins is easily accessible form the dinning hall. The room 8 has 10 beds and 1 en-suite, the other 3 rooms each have 12 beds and 2 en-suites. The Banksia row has a total of 46 beds.


Rooms 12-15: Heating, carpets, en-suites.

The Dogwood block is the closest accommodation to the dinning hall and is comprised of 4 rooms which share a veranda and each have their own en-suite. Room 14 has 7 beds and a secondary, disabled access en-suite which can unlocked upon request. The other rooms have 8 beds each totaling 31 beds.


Rooms 16-20: Heating, carpets, en-suites.

The Eucalyptus block is behind Dogwood and comprises of 5 rooms, sharing 4 en-suites and a veranda. This is the closest accommodation block to the car-park. The rooms can sleep 3-12 people each, totaling 41 beds.